What costs are involved?
We will provide you with a quotation setting out our professional fee together with standard outlay that will be payable by you. Stamp Duty applies to residential and non-residential property and up to date information on rates can be found at  Outlay typically consists of fees payable to the Property Registration Authority, Law Searchers fees and Commissioners fees.  There may also be outlay payable to the Local Authority for letters or certificates where applicable

Where do I start?

If you are hoping to obtain finance to purchase a property, you will need to contact a Broker or Mortgage Adviser. The bank will issue loan approval in principle, which gives you an indication of how much money you can borrow at that time.  When you have found the property for you, you apply for full loan approval.  A Mortgage Adviser will advise you of what you need to have in place prior to drawdown of mortgage funds such as life insurance/mortgage protection insurance, home insurance, a valuation and survey.

What is the solicitors role?

If there is an estate agent engaged they will issue a Sales Advice Note to the solicitor for the purchaser and the solicitor for the vendor (seller).  The vendor’s solicitor sends the purchaser’s solicitor the Contract for Sale and copy title documentation for the property.  The purchaser’s solicitor carries out a full title review and raises pre-Contract enquires. Once the title is in order and the pre-Contract enquiries are satisfied the purchaser can then proceed to sign the Contracts at which stage the balance 10% Contract deposit is payable.

There is a binding Contract in place once both parties have signed the Contract and the completion date is generally 4 weeks from signing the Contract in a standard transaction.

How long will the process take?

It is not possible to give a timeline as each transaction is different.  The length of the process depends on many factors such as the time it takes to obtain mortgage funds or if you are part of a “chain”.  We will keep you updated throughout the process and endeavour to complete each transaction as quickly as possible.

When can I get the keys to my property?

Once the transaction formally completes and full purchase monies have been paid over and released