Agricultural Law

Agricultural Law

We have a team of Solicitors experienced in dealing with all aspect of Agricultural Law that will guide you through your specific transaction.

Farming and agriculture are a business and like any other business, legal advice and guidance is needed at times regarding tax, sale, purchase and leasing of land or buildings and rent reviews, boundary disputes, adverse possession, rights of way and grazing agreements.

As well as being a business, farms are also homes and we can advise in relation to the legal implications of inheritance planning and succession.

Our practice area of Co. Laois and South Kildare is at the heart of a large farming community who we are proud to serve. We understand the problems farmers face and offer a practical, solution focused approach. We frequently advise farming families in relation to Farm Transfers, Land Leases, Wills & Succession Planning and Potential Tax Implications.

The cost of taking a Personal Injuries claim will always vary and is dependent on a number of factors, including the complexity of your case and the time taken to bring it to a conclusion. We will be happy to provide an estimate of fees once we have spoken with you and reviewed your case.

It is important to note that solicitor’s fees may not be calculated as a percentage of any award or settlement you receive. Any fees charged will be on the basis of the work undertaken by your Solicitor in undertaking work on your case.

The concept of the ‘no win, no fee’ fee arrangement is a common one amongst Solicitors in Ireland. This can often be known as a ‘no foal, no fee’ arrangement. This means no legal charges apply should your case not be successful. On the other hand, if your case is successful either by way of settlement outside of court or in front of a judge in court, then legal fees will apply. Solicitors can enter into no win no fee agreements with clients; however, they are strictly prohibited from advertising no win no fee services.

This is the most common question our clients ask us. More often than not, it can be a difficult one to answer at the early stages of the process as there are so many varying factors to take into account. It can be useful to review ‘The Book of Quantum’ utilised by The Injuries Board which sets out the range of compensation payable for all kinds of injuries

Most Personal Injury cases are settled within 18 – 24 months of commencement however this can vary depending on the complexity of your case. If the person responsible for your injuries does not accept liability for your accident it can take longer.


Most compensation claims are lodged in the Injuries Board seeking an assessment of the award payable to you. Once your claim is lodge the defendant has up to 90 days to respond to your application.

The Injuries Board process can result in award of compensation. It is essential to have a Solicitors advice in making your decision about whether to accept or decline that compensation award.